Hemp Oil for Pets

  • There is a lot of interest in CBD for pets today. The reason is straightforward. All mammals — dogs, cats, humans, etc. — have endocannabinoid systems that activate similarly. The same palliative effects that cannabinoids have on humans manifest similarly in our pets.

    Cannabis products such as hemp have been a feed additive for many hundreds of years. If you have seen first hand the benefits of adding CBD to your diet, your furry friend will likely enjoy the benefits as well.

    Just like with humans, each of your pet’s physiology and metabolism is different. The amount of CBD to give your pets will differ and you’ll want to try different levels (amounts) and pay attention to the effects. Below are guidelines as to how much CBD to administer based on your pet’s weight. It may be a good starting point.

    In a 300mg/30ml bottle of CBD, each dropper (1ml) = 10mg of CBD.

    Made for Dogs, Cats and Horses:

     <12 lbs =
    1/4 dropper or .25ml (2.5mg)
    <25 lbs =
    1/2 dropper or .50ml (5mg)
    <50 lbs = 
    1 dropper or 1ml (10mg)
    <100 lbs =
    2 droppers or 2ml (20mg)

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